Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update: NC vs. Great Specialty Products - Gluten Free Fraud Case

I've had several emails asking for the status of North Carolina v.s. Great Specialty Products case... From what I know, the scheduled hearing from last week on 4/8 did not occur and instead the prosecutor took the case to the Wake County Grand Jury on 4/6.  Paul Seelig was indicted on nine felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.  Rather than having a hearing on 4/8 in which witnesses had to be called, the grand jury was used to decide if enough evidence existing to proceed with the criminal case.  The indictment handed down says that the Grand Jury did find enough.

I guess the next steps are up to the District Attorney.  Will there be a trial?  Stay tuned!

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Rebecca said...

The DA called me yesterday and said there's an administrative hearing on Monday (no need to attend). He said things are moving quickly (for the legal system, ha!) and we'll know pretty soon if it's going to trial or plea bargain.

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