Friday, April 16, 2010

Reformulated RedBridge Gluten Free Beer Now Available

I wrote a week ago about an omnious posting over at about the uncertain status of RedBridge Gluten Free beer.  Word was that it was being pulled from the market temporarily to be reformulated.

Well, the reformulation is complete and the new version should be hitting store shelves soon.  Not sure if they have changed the packaging or if you will recognize the new version by a different taste.  From what I've read, it should be lower alcohol content and thus available in all 50 states.

Here is the information from Triumph Dining & Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom.

FYI - RedBridge won the Bronze medal in the Gluten Free category at the 2010 World Beer Cup out of nine entries.  The gold medal winner is only available at a pub in VT and the silver is only available in Australia.


Emily said...

Great news!

Palila said...

What? We have a real beer, so they re-do it to make it less like a normal beer? I don't like this approach, and I hope that it comes with a lower price to match the contents.

Gluten Free Nomad said...

Can't wait to try it...I've heard they've improved the flavor. Anheuser Busch tells me the alcohol content is now 4% by volume rather than the 4.8% of the previous formulation. That also means less carbs and less calories. Sounds good to me!

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