Thursday, April 22, 2010

Durham Bulls - New Gluten Free Options

Just wanted to share some exciting news from the Durham Bulls.  They are very interested in offering Gluten Free options at the ballpark.  In fact, they have already started to offer a few items.  This past weekend, I enjoyed a few RedBridge at the game.

How to find the Gluten Free items
There is nothing on the Web site yet and not really any signs around the stadium, so I'll do my best to direct you to the GF cart.  On the main concourse on the third base side (enter the ballpark and take the stairs up to the main concourse then head left), there is a new healthy options cart (see picture) which is now offering the following Gluten Free items.
  • RedBridge Gluten Free Beer
  • Baked Goods from Moonlight Bakery; Peanut Butter Cookies, Reese Cake Cups & Brownie Bites
Please keep in mind that the entire cart is not Gluten Free.  There are other Gluten containing items on the cart (like wraps).  So far, they are using precautions like only selling packaged items to prevent cross contact.  For example, Moonlight Bakery's items are nicely packaged and are not opened or handled after delivery from Moonlight Bakery to the ballpark.

The Bulls would like to expand the offerings and are looking for input from Gluten Free consumers like you!  Please vote in the poll below and/or leave a comment with the food item you'd like to see them offer.  I will be passing along this information to the folks in charge (Thanks Tammy!) and if the items requested are reasonable and can be safely sold, they will do their best to expand.

FYI - the hot dogs sold at the ballpark are Sabrett which are Gluten Free.  They might be able to easily add Gluten Free hot dog buns.  Another idea is to bring in packaged food from Rosie's Plate.  I purposely do not have Gluten Free Pizza listed in the poll below because they are currently contracted to purchase pizza from a single vendor who is not producing GF pizza.


Starting the Heart said...

Don't forget Mellow Mushroom across the street is a test market for their new gluten free pizza, which is amazing!! Grab some before the game!!

Colleen said...

Having more gluten-free options would be wonderful! I recently went to a game in Camden Yards and they are now offering hot dogs (with bun), Redbridge, soft pretzels, I had a ball! Lots of pictures of me enjoying beer and a dog at a game! We go to a lot of games at DBAP and I would really appreciate having more options. Thank you for doing this.

John Graham said...

We just got back from a Durham Bulls game and the only gluten free stuff at the healthy foods cart was RedBridge beer. The Moonlight Bakery stuff wasn't even on the price list, so it may be that they are not even carrying it anymore. The woman running the cart said they hadn't opened the cart for the last few days and maybe that had something to do with it, but I think not having the items on the price list is a pretty bad sign.

John Graham said...

We just got back from a Durham Bulls game and the only gluten free item at the healthy foods cart was RedBridge beer. None of the other items mentioned earlier here were on the cart or even on the price list. The woman running the cart said they had not opened the cart for the last few games, so maybe that was why the items were missing, but not being on the price list seems like a bad sign.

The woman running the cart had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about gluten free foods or the Brownie Bites. On the up side, she did seem pretty nice and tried to be helpful.

C Claiborne said...

Well, I certainly can corroborate John's comment. We went last night (July 3) to the game and I looked for and found the card. The only thing that said it was gluten free (on the menu) was RedBridge. There were some fruit plates that might have been ok depending on contact problems. My wife asked the woman "manning" the cart and she said they had not had gluten free items for quite some time. Guess the only choice is to leave the park and go have a pizza at Mellow Mushroom.

Hilary said...

I emailed customer service about gf items. Here's their response:

We started our season with gluten free baked goods from Moonlight Bakery in Cary. Due mainly to lack of advertising these items, we found ourselves losing money on them. Right now the only gluten free items are Redbridge beer and you can get a gluten free hot dog bun and our hot dogs are Sabretts, which are gluten free as well. Both items can be found at the 3rd base side Fan Stand. Please ask for Robin, she is the only person trained to handle the gluten free items properly and therefore the only person we let serve the items.

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