Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gluten Free Cafe - New Frozen Meals

I discovered a new choice for frozen meals this weekend during a trip to Kroger. I noticed two new items from a company called Gluten Free Cafe. The new frozen meals are brought to you by the folks at Hain Celestial Group which has many other GF product lines including Arrowhead Mills, DeBoles Pasta, Imagine Soups and Rice Dream/Soy Dream.

The products and Web site seem to be pretty new so there is not much more information available. I'll let you know how my Lemon Basil Chicken over Rice is after lunch!

Their product selection is Asian Curry Noodles, Fettuccini Alfredo, Lemon Basil Chicken, Pasta Primavera. The box has the statement "Gluten Free Cafe is the only line of gluten free frozen foods with sauce fortified with vitamins, minerals and Inulin. The product is also certified Gluten Free by the GFCO.


John said...


Which Kroger do you shop at? If mine doesn't have these meals I will ask mine (the Kroger on N. Falls of the Neuse & Strickland) to stock them as well.


Zach said...

So I am eating this now for lunch and it is actually pretty good! The chicken is real chicken (we've all had frozen meals where you weren't sure that the chicken was really chicken, right?). The taste is excellent.

Also, the Kroger I shop the most frequently is on New Bern Ave.

Anonymous said...

I tried the Pasta Primavera yesterday. It was great! I bought it at Whole Foods in Cary.

Zach said...

Also, FYI - the price was around $5 per frozen meal. So basically a rip off like every other GF product. Nothing unusual here.

On the flip side, I bought my wife 5 Healthy Choice frozen meals for $10 on the same grocery trip. Yikes.

Zach said...

now i am eating some bob's red mill chocolate chip cookies - yum!

Anonymous said...

The fettuccine Alfredo is pretty good as well.

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