Friday, December 12, 2008

Raleigh Trader Joe's Update

The Raleigh Trader Joe's store is currently under construction at the corner of Six Forks and Wake Forest in Raleigh. I have been informed that the store has a tentative opening date of late Spring 2009 (May/June). I will let you know more as soon as I find out.

FYI - The average Trader Joe's carries hundreds of Gluten Free products which will provide another grocery option which is never a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised that you haven't reviewed the Earth Fare at Brier Creek ... and that Earth Fare isn't included in your grocery store survey. They have an _amazing_ GF selection and one of their staff members, Victor, is a fantastic resource for those who are new to the diet/diagnosis. Earth Fare also uses wood-plated shelf decorations and visible signage to identify GF foods *and* entire sections of GF foods. Otherwise, this site is really helpful :)

GlutenFree said...

thanks for the feedback - it is my intention to review earth fare and harmony farms in more detail... they just don't happen to be very close to where I live/normally shop. if you would like to provide your own review, you can email it to me.

Anonymous said...

I find Trader Joe's not that good, because lots of their stuff contains gluten, or says produced on equipment shared with products containing wheat, etc. Don't overlook Walmart, which helpfully label many products "gluten free" (like their own cream cheese, etc, for example) that other stores leave you guessing about.

I second the thumbs up for Earth Fare at Briar Creek. I wish I lived near enough to go there more often.

Also don't overlook Food Lion. Not all but some of their stores have a gluten-free section that can be quite good.

Paul said...

Trader Joe's is horrible! My girlfriend has Cleiac's so we went there to get her some groceries. Their labels do not list any any allergen information (wheat/Gluten), the managers are ignorant to her dietary needs. The management was able to provider her w/ a gluten free list of foods that says in fine print
"list subject to change without notice". The only things we could find clearly labeled were two kinds of GF bread and they were sold out of one. We found one desert item on the GF list and the second ingredient is wheat! Trader Joe's needs to wake up before they send people to the hospital. My girlfriend isn't gluten free for for her figure, she gets a trip to the emergency room if gluten is in her food. Food Lion is better labeled and management is better informed than at Trader Joes.

Anonymous said...

I just left Trader Joe's in Cary empty handed. They carried 2 cereals that were gluten-free (and out of one). They carried no gluten-free pasta (I think I can find that at the convenience stores that have gas). Their nuts, etc. were the most expensive I've ever seen. The best I could have done was bananas and wine. They may have a lot of it in some locations but definitely not here.

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