Thursday, December 4, 2008

RedBridge at RBC Center Update

I have experienced an outage of RedBridge Beer at Canes games the last few visits to the RBC Center. I have also received emails from readers wondering what was going on with the RedBridge situation. I contacted the folks over there and they assured me that RedBridge is in stock and available. The timing of this is good since I will need a few of them tonight after I see new coach Paul Maurice on the bench for the first time. What's next, home games in Greensboro?

See my previous posts about how to get and where to find RedBridge during Canes games here.


Anonymous said...

I experienced the same and I contacted the Food/Bev folks. Apparently, they did have some in the Restaurant, but I certainly didn't think to look there. However, the email that I got back was very reassuring. Let's hope that it really is addressed!

And I agree -- i'd need a beer to see Coach Mo back behind the bench. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the Canes! I am a season ticket holder and have been eating popcorn and M&M's while everyone else got "real" food. One question - is the sauce at NC BBQ GF?

Zach said...

Please see my post about NC BBQ - i have made an update. I would advise you not to eat it at all. FYI - the sauce is vinegar based and GF.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zach,

Any idea where the Redbridge is sold within the RBC? I asked every stand I could find and checked with Customer Service counter. No one had ever heard of it.

Thanks for everything you do!!

Zach said...

Anonymous - please email me for details or see the previous post to contact Karen from the ticket rep department.

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