Friday, January 23, 2009

Local Blogger Spotlight: Celiac Underground

I've been talking lately with Emily from Raleigh who recently started a new Gluten Free blog called Celiac Underground.

The Celiac Underground is about sharing ideas on how to stay true to the Gluten Free Diet, most of which are cheap, easy and fast. Emily has been GF since her 2005 Celiac Disease diagnosis and writes about tips, tricks and recipes for living GF.

Emily sent me a good tip the other day -
By the way, NEVER order a milkshake at MoJoe's on Glenwood! (contains MALT powder! their menu doesn't say this! Danger!!)
Check out the Celiac Underground Blog for more information.


Emily said...

Hey Zach! Thanks for the blog promo! Have a great day!

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