Monday, January 26, 2009

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Amy said...

I recently ate at Brio at Crabtree Valley Mall. Brio offers Italian food. I was worried when I checked the menu online, since there was no allergen information listed. When I asked the waiter about gluten free menu options, he was very knowledgeable and even checked with the executive chef to make sure that there would be no cross contamination. I had the chopped salad, Tuscan pork chop, roasted asparagus and other roasted vegetables, and finished the meal with berry sorbet. The only modification to the meal was omitting croutons from the salad. Beware the mashed potatoes are not GF, but I am confident that your waiter or waitress will inform you of any gluten-containing items when you order, if you ask. It was a great experience, the food was tasty, and for $25 I had dinner and enough leftovers for another meal. I highly recommend Brio.

Anonymous said...

This isn't IN Raleigh, but I'd like to post it anyway. We are planning to go to Wilmington, and wanted to stay at the Front Street Inn. They pretty much told me that accommodating me would be too much hassle and I shouldn't bother coming. The Graystone Inn, however, said they see it all the time and it would be no problem. Also, called Deluxe Cafe in Wilmington (part of the "Romantic Weekend" package at Graystone) and they also said it was no problem. Will report back after next weekend!


Diane said...

I recently ate at Woodys BBQ on Falls of Neuse and was very dissapointed. Everyone there was clueless about gluten or what it meant to be gluten free. They also had no idea what I meant when I tried to explain cross contamination. I would suggest that if you go there be very, very careful.

Wendi said...

At Rosie's Plate in downtown Raleigh I met someone at the Gluten Free 101 class who said the K-cups for the Keurig Coffee Machine contained gluten. So she gave her machine to her daughter. Go get that machine back girl! I found out most of their coffee is GF and here is a link ( that talks about the GF seal that IS GF!! That was a big worry to this very new CD girl.

Take care,

Sweets Girl said...

I recently ate at Red Robin in Cary from their gluten-free menu. They assured me that their burgers and fries are prepared in a separate kitchen location from other gluten-containing items. I had a bad reaction several hours after leaving the restaurant and feel very sick today. I do not plan on returning to the restaurant. I would welcome any comments with similar experiences or suggestions.

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