Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Useful Resources: MyFoodMyHealth Allergy Free Menu Planning

I have written before about other Allergy/Gluten Free online menu planning services and recently found another one called MyFoodMyHealth.com. This service looks to be a beefed up version of the other two allowing for menu planning for families that have multiple food/health issues rather above and beyond just the Gluten Free Diet.

MyFoodMyHealth launched on January 6, 2009 as a food and wellness Web site that provides healthy meal plans, flavorful recipes and online tools designed especially for individuals and families who have multiple health conditions or allergies. MyFoodMyHealth enables users to enter health concerns -- such as diabetes, high cholesterol and wheat allergy -- then uses a proprietary algorithm to find recipes and create meal plans that address all of the special dietary requirements. The quick and easy recipes on MyFoodMyHealth were created by professional chefs and nutrition experts who put an emphasis on delivering both great taste and nutrition. All health and nutrition information is science-based and reviewed by experienced nutritionists and physicians.

At launch, the MyFoodMyHealth service supports multiple health conditions, including: acne, arthritis, asthma, candidiasis, Celiac, depression, diabetes, eczema, fatigue, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypothyroid, osteoporosis, pre- and post- chemotherapy and radiation, psoriasis, recently quit drinking, recently quit smoking, and stress. The service also takes into consideration food allergies so families can share meals together safely. Its unique algorithm can eliminate recipes with common food allergens including: almonds, chicken, chili pepper, corn, crab, eggs, gluten, milk, oats, peanuts, sesame seed/oil, shrimp, soy, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes and wheat. Over time, support for additional health conditions and allergies will be added. Users can make special requests for additional allergy needs and will receive a response within 48 hours.

Some key features include...
  • A weekly online meal planner that automatically generates menus tailored for your family's health and dietary needs.
  • Easy-to-prepare recipes with a broad range of international flavors that make it a pleasure to eat healthy foods.
  • Time-saving weekly shopping lists, pantry basics and online shopping resources.
  • Health and nutritional information for specific health conditions.
  • Exclusive cooking, health and nutritional videos and articles.
  • Expert culinary tips and tools.
Health information and sample recipes are available at no charge on MyFoodMyHealth and the recipe and meal planning service is available by subscription.

Membership Plan Options
* $29.00 - 3-Month Membership
* $53.00 - 6-Month Membership (Save $5.00)
* $72.00 - 9-Month Membership (Save $15.00)

Click here for their Celiac Disease Diet plan page.

Click here for biographies of their Chefs & Dietitians.

Click the link to find out more about MyFoodMyHealth.com.


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