Friday, January 16, 2009

Local Blogger Spotlight: Gluten Free Greenie

Allow me to introduce you to another local Gluten Free blogger - Gluten Free Greenie. Gluten Free Greenie is a blog by Wendy from Durham, NC.

She describes her blog as...
Simply a place where I keep up with how gluten affects my life and how I deal with it. I list recipes and products I try, how restaurants and people treat me....and just some of my life in general. I follow a gluten free lifestyle because I have to, but I'm also a bit of an environmentalist. I try to eat organic, with out preservatives, and just as simple as possible.

Wendy has a similar story to many Celiacs in which she experienced poor health for most of her life before a doctor could finally diagnose her correctly. Check out the Gluten Free Greenie Blog for more information.


Anonymous said...

I've found that a great place to find a variety of gluten-free products is Whole Foods Market.

They have a complete listing of products, dietary information and nutrition facts all on their website.

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