Monday, February 9, 2009

Poll Results tallied - New Polls added

Here are the results of the set of Poll questions that have been on Gluten Free Raleigh since 1-6-09. I try to put up new poll questions every 30 days or so. I use this information to decide what to research and write about so please vote and let me know what you are interested in!

Looks like most of you who cheat on your GF Diet do so because you miss old glutenous foods too much. Also, I was a little surprised to see that the majority of people lived closed to a Harris Teeter.

Why do you cheat on your GF Diet?
Difficulty of finding GF food 2 (11%)
GF food too expensive 0 (0%)
GF food doesn't taste good 1 (5%)
Don't understand the GF diet 0 (0%)
Difficulty of understanding food labeling 3 (17%)
Asymptomatic (no side effects from cheating) 1 (5%)
Don't understand implications of cheating 0 (0%)
Don't understand cross-contamination 0 (0%)
Miss old glutenous foods 9 (52%)
Will power problem 1 (5%)

Votes so far: 17

What is the closest Grocery store to your house?
Whole Foods 1 (2%)
Trader Joes 2 (4%)
Earth Fare 0 (0%)
Harmony Farms 0 (0%)
Kroger 10 (20%)
Lowes Foods 7 (14%)
Food Lion 12 (24%)
Harris Teeter 17 (34%)

Votes so far: 49

I have also added some new Poll Questions to the right side bar. I will continue to put up new Polls often to try to get a better understanding of what readers of this blog would like me to focus on.

Please vote!


Jenny said...

Don't forget about Earth Fare! They have one of the biggest GF selections I have ever seen! The staff also seems very knowledgeable about GF issues, and products as well. Check them out!

Paul said...

Trader Joe's is horrible! My girlfriend has Cleiac's so we went there to get her some groceries. Their labels do not list any any allergen information (wheat/Gluten), the managers are ignorant to her dietary needs. The management was able to provider her w/ a gluten free list of foods that says in fine print
"list subject to change without notice". The only things we could find clearly labeled were two kinds of GF bread and they were sold out of one. We found one desert item on the GF list and the second ingredient is wheat! Trader Joe's needs to wake up before they send people to the hospital. My girlfriend isn't gluten free for for her figure, she gets a trip to the emergency room if gluten is in her food. Food Lion is better labeled and management is better informed than at Trader Joes.

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