Friday, February 20, 2009

Rosie's Plate - Gluten Free Pizza Review

About 2 weeks ago I sat down with the folks over at Rosie's Plate to taste test their brand new Gluten Free Pizza offerings. I have previously written about Rosie's Plate and their brand new menu which now includes pizza here. I was really excited to try their pizza because I knew that they would include superb ingredients, the risk of cross contamination would be zero and that they had been working to perfect the pizza for quite some time.

Rosie's Plate offers several different pizza choices as you can see below.
Click here for the full menu.
Click here for the pizza menu.
  • Take & Bake Thick Crust Cheese Pizza - $15.50
  • Take & Bake Thick Crust Greek Chicken Pizza - $22.50
  • Take & Bake Thick Crust Pepperoni Pizza - $17.50
  • Take & Bake Thick Pizza Crust Only- $9.50
  • Take & Bake Thin Crust Cheese Pizza - $15.50
  • Take & Bake Thin Crust Greek Chicken Pizza - $22.50
  • Take & Bake Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza - $17.50
  • Take & Bake Thin Pizza Crust Only - $9.50
Basically, the pizza comes in either thin or thick crust and you can either purchase a take & bake package of sauce, cheese and toppings or just buy the crust separately and top it yourself. Their are 3 varieties if you want the take & bake package which include cheese, pepperoni or Greek chicken. The thick crust comes in a 9 inch x 12 inch rectangle shape while the thin crust is a 12 inch round pizza. Most other pizzas I've seen are 10" in size so it's nice to have some leftovers!

I had the pleasure of trying a thin crust cheese pizza fresh from the Rosie's Plate oven for lunch and also took home a thick crust cheese pizza as well for dinner that evening. During my taste test, I got the opportunity to discuss the new pizza with the creators and learn everything about the new product. I got the impression that the creators had put a lot of effort into the new pizza and were extremely happy with the outcome. They were very excited to add this offering to their already large menu. It's my experience that when people create things with a passion that it really shows through in their products.

I personally really enjoyed the thin crust pizza the most. The crust is not super thin like a cracker and it actually does have some nice thickness to it. The thin crust was not doughy or crumbly and held the toppings well. The thick crust is just that, THICK - I'd guess it's about 2 inches thick. If you enjoy that much crust then this pie is for you. I really enjoyed the overall taste of all the pizza I sampled at Rosie's Plate. You can count on Rosie's for quality ingredients and that really shows in the taste and consistency of their products - not just pizza. My favorite part of the pizza was actually the sauce - which has a sort of sweet taste to it. I reminds me of pizza I used to eat where I grew up which was a nice touch for me - made the pizza seem a lot more like regular pizza.

I will definitely purchase pizza from Rosie's Plate again in the future. Hopefully they can toss in a few of the take & bake pizzas to their ever-growing selection of Grab & Go choices.


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