Thursday, February 5, 2009

GFRB Health Network Welcomes Digestive Healthcare Raleigh

Allow me to welcome another Gastroenterology practice to the Gluten Free Raleigh Blog (GFRB) Health Network. Digestive Healthcare in Raleigh is familiar with Celiac Disease and sees many Celiac patients including the author of this blog. Most of us with Celiac Disease fall under the care of a GI doctor during our life with the disease (if you are not - shame on you). Digestive Healthcare is yet another valuable resource to Celiac's or suspected Celiac's in this area.

I happen to have a bit of a warm spot in my heart for Digestive Healthcare. I visited them after having gut symptoms (enough said) for several months and losing 25 pounds. Celiac Disease was mentioned among a list of conditions I could have (including cancer) during my first office visit. My doctor ordered a Celiac Blood Test and I was diagnosed in under 1 month. Not everyone should have to suffer for 10 years and go through several doctors before getting the diagnosis correct. Digestive Healthcare is one GI practice getting it right.

Digestive Healthcare is a 9 doctor practice with 2 locations in Raleigh. The practice includes Dr. Colm J. O'Loughlin who was previously Director of the Celiac Disease Clinic at the Medical College of Wisconsin prior to moving to Raleigh where he joined Digestive Healthcare in June 2007. Digestive Healthcare also offers endoscopy services on site at their Atrium Drive location in Raleigh. If you're a medically diagnosed Celiac patient, you've had a small bowel endoscopy.

Welcome aboard Digestive Healthcare - and thanks for being a great resource for Celiac Disease in Raleigh!

Digestive Healthcare
Hours - 8AM to 5PM Monday - Thursday. 8AM to 1:30PM Friday.
Appointments - (919) 791-2040

Web site

New Patient Forms

2 Raleigh locations - click here for directions.

Digestive Healthcare (MAIN)
2417 Atrium Drive
Suite 150
Raleigh, NC 27607

Digestive Healthcare (NORTH)
Suite 209
American Institute of Health and Fitness
8300 Health Park
Raleigh, NC 27613

FYI - The Gluten Free Raleigh Blog does not benefit in any way by sharing this information with others. The GFRB Health Network is simply meant to be a useful tool in helping others with their Celiac Disease or GF Diet. If you have any questions or if you have any suggestions about potential members for this network, please email me.


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