Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bella Monica Flatbread Company Update - Earth Fare

More exciting news for Bella Monica Flatbread Company and their fans...

I wrote previously about Bella Monica pizzas being available in the Raleigh and Cary Whole Foods store in addition to Harmony Farms.

I have just received word that their Gluten Free Pizzas are also now available in all Earth Fare stores in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. Earth Fare has one Raleigh location in Brier Creek in NW Raleigh. The other NC locations are Asheville, Charlotte, Boone and Greensboro.

Thanks to Trevor and his company for getting this product out there for us to enjoy.

See my previous posts about their GF Pizzas here.


Unknown said...

Has anyone else had success cooking one of these pizzas? I bought two of them from WF Raleigh and neither one was worth eating. The center (top to bottom) of the crust would never get cooked and was very gummy/mealy and was so gross I had to toss both pies. $22 down the drain. (I probably should have returned them but I am really not very quick to do that sort of thing.) I followed the instructions on the box to the letter, including cooking the pizza directly in the oven rack. When it came out the first time and it was so gummy I put it back in. Even after cooking 15 minutes longer than directed the pizza was not fully cooked in the center and of course at this point the toppings were starting to burn. What is everyone else experiencing?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking the time to write your post and I am very sorry that you had some issues w/the product. Please feel free to contact me at trevor@bellamonica.com or at 919.306.5542 so that we can discuss not only your experience with our family’s food but turn your disappointment to satisfaction.

It goes with out saying that we really appreciate your feedback as this dialogue helps us monitor and improve our products.


Trevor Chambers
Founder, Bella Monica FlatBread Co

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