Thursday, February 12, 2009

Petition to the FDA about Gluten Free Drugs

We are all pretty aware of the fact that drug manufacturers in the USA frequently use gluten in their products. We also know that the FDA, who regulates the industry, allows for these companies to add gluten to their products even though it is toxic to approximately 1% of the US population. Thanks again FDA!

Luckily for us, a man named Michael Weber of NY has officially petitioned the FDA to ban gluten from all medications regulated by the FDA in the US.

Want to sign the petition? Below is an snippet of an article written by Michael and published on
Time to Take Action!
There is, however, something you can do. I petitioned the FDA to get gluten gone for good. I asked my congresswoman to write a letter to the FDA highlighting her concern about my petition. And any citizen can comment to the FDA about my petition, for or against. You can ask your congressman to pay attention to the decision, which the FDA is about to make.

Now that I’ve wound you all up, here is how to contact the FDA. Go on the internet and surf to and enter the Docket number of my petition, 2008-P-0333, which you might enjoy reading. My petition is called Michael Weber of New York State. Highlight the line for comments of submissions, and then tell them what you think and who you are. Tell the FDA why you think there shouldn’t be any gluten in your medicine—please do it now!
Please help take action today!


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