Monday, March 16, 2009

General Mills Update - New Gluten Free Chex Varieties?

There has been a lot of blogosphere news about new Gluten Free Chex varieties over the last few days. We all know about Rice Chex being GF, right? And I previously wrote about General Mills changing ingredients in their Strawberry Chex, Chocolate Lucky Charms and Honey Kix cereals to remove all gluten. That update also mentioned that General Mills would not provide information about where the cereal was made (i.e. dedicated line like Rice Chex). So are they GF or not? I tend to not eat things made on shared equipment but that choice is up to each of you to make yourself.

I have seen several posts recently about changes made to Corn Chex and Honey Nut Chex which would now make them Gluten Free (ingredient-wise at least). In addition, several pictures have been posted and the boxes clearly state in large letters "Now Gluten Free". Click here to see the new Corn Chex box on Gluten Free Post and here to see the new Honey Nut Chex box on Gluten Free Philly.

A quick check of Corn Chex and Honey Nut Chex on the General Mills Web site still lists Barley Malt Extract as an ingredient. While I was there I also found Cinnamon Chex cereal was up to date with the new "Now Gluten Free" logo - see here. UPDATE 3-18-09 - General Mills has removed the Gluten Free picture and barley malt extract is now back in the ingredients listing. Not sure why they changed it. Now I am confused. So I placed a call into General Mills to inquire further. The person I spoke to (who actually was a Celiac believe it or not) did not have any information/notification about the labeling change. They did state that the product packaging is the most up-to-date place to look and that all Wheat ingredients will be listed. They also said the box will contain statements if Wheat is not an ingredient but had a chance to cross-contaminate the product. They took my name and phone number and were going to research further and call me back. I will certainly let you know what they find.



TJ said...

It is so annoying when large companies do this...this is the same thing that happened with the gf Rice Chex. The gf version took months to arrive on the shelves here but when they got here, you could read the ingredients and it didn't contain barley - or any other forms of gluten. However, it was a while before the new ingredients made it to the GM website. Why companies go to so much trouble to make products gluten free and then don't even educate their own staffs that they've done so is beyond me...but still I'll be on the lookout for the new gf Corn Chex because I'll use them for my Chex party mix! Fabulous news - thanks for this post!

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