Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Useful Resources: Soy-Yer Gluten Free Dough

I'd like to share a recent discovery with all of you out there with children who are Gluten Free. For those of us on a Gluten Free Diet, it is important that we stay away from conventional modeling dough/clay like Hasbros' Playdough - it contains gluten. Same with Crayola's Dough product.

But playing with Playdough is like a childhood requirement, right? I have been searching for some time for a Gluten Free Dough product without much luck. We're lucky that Hasbro and Crayola actually tell us anything about the ingredients of their products - they are pretty secretive with the formulas.

Back in January, I read a New York Times article featuring a Purdue University student named Sawyer Sparks who had stumbled onto a Gluten Free Dough product after failed attempts at making Gluten Free Beer. The product was originally called Soy-Doh but has recently been changed to Soy-Yer Dough - I guess a play on his name and the fact that Soy is the main ingredient. I began emailing with Sawyer Sparks in January after reading the article. I wanted to post about this great product then but I had difficulty getting my hands on some. Sawyer seemed a little overwhelmed by all the press and I think was swamped by Gluten Free consumers looking for his product. Also, at that time, there was not a user-friendly way to order the product. Sawyer let me know that some changes were underway and that a brand new Web site with an easy ordering system was coming soon.

The brand new Web site is now available at http://www.soy-yer.com. Soy-Yer Dough comes in 11 different colors/scents like Blue/Blueberry, Yellow/Banana or Pink/Watermelon. Each 6 oz. container runs about $2. You also have the choice to buy a variety pack which includes all 11 varieties for $20 - a cost savings of $2. I ordered this variety pack and played with it yesterday. The dough has the same look and feel as normal Playdough and the scents are a nice added feature. In addition to their Gluten Free dough, Soy-Yer also comes in a Soy free version as well.


Debbie Jongkind,RD,LDN said...

Great pictures! I will order some for my niece.

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