Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Gluten Free Products from General Mills?

Blogging and the Internet is a great thing! You can find out so much information - it really is changing the way and frequency of information provided to consumers. Check out the following posts I found recently from a blog called kill.the.gluten about new Gluten Free baking mixes from Betty Crocker (another General Mills company).

Sneak preview of new Betty Crocker GF Cookie, Brownie and Cake Mixes.

Brownie Mix Review

Cookie Mix Review

Cake Mix Review

It appears these may also be released around the June 1, 2009 time frame as I mentioned yesterday with the new Gluten Free Chex varieties.


springsandra said...

This is wonderful! Do you have any idea what the costs will be? We are HUGE fans of Pamela's brownie mix (I must make a bag of the fudgiest recipe at least once a month) but it's almost $5 a bag, which seems a touch steep. It's so wonderful that options are becoming plentiful - thanks for all your hard work and sharing, Zach!

john said...

Thanks for the near non-stop updates Zach! This is great news. Prices may start to inch down the more heavy hitters get into the game, huh? I can dream can't I? ;-)

Lauren said...


Emily said...

Wow, those pics of the "Gluten Free" mixes--looking like they are just regular mixes from the store--are unbelievable. Like I am not really awake right now, I am just dreaming that I see them! The world is becoming a great place to be GF!

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