Monday, March 23, 2009

Useful Resources: CSA's Good Search

The Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) has a new search engine to assist in fund raising for their organization. Most of us do some type of Internet searching on a pretty regular basis. The CSA Good Search is a way to do our normal searching (built on Yahoo search engine technology) and to raise funds for the CSA at the same time.
The search engine GoodSearch donates 50-percent of its revenue to the organizations designated by its users. It’s a simple and compelling concept. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Because it is powered by Yahoo!, GoodSearch has proven results. The money GoodSearch donates to the causes comes from advertisers—the users and the organizations do not spend a dime.

The Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) is registered with GoodSearch and estimates that each Web search will generate approximately $.01. Over a year’s time, with 1000 supporters averaging two searches a day, the estimated annual revenue to CSA would be $7,300 a year. That would be enough funds to cover the printing costs of our CSA New Patient packets! Visit for more information and designate CSA to be your GoodSearch charity.
Click here to use the CSA Good Search.


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