Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Restaurant Review: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Check out the following post over at Gluten Free Cary about Five Guys Burgers & Fries restaurant. Sarah does a great job of reviewing the Cary, NC locations.

A new addition to their Web site -The front page now proclaims:
Zero Gluten, except for our buns.
There are 2 Raleigh locations as well...
  • Raleigh at North Hills 4120 Main At North Hills St
  • Raleigh at Brennan Station 8107 Creedmoor Road
I have updated the Fast Food Restaurant listing with this new information.



Curious Art said...

Hi Zach,

I'm overjoyed to report a new gf-friendly restaurant in Raleigh-- Sono on Fayetteville St. Sushi is one of my standby meals but as you know even with the plain stuff there can be a few issues (wheat in some wasabi, unannounced barley in some "green tea", & of course the dreaded "crab"). And I always bring my own soy of course.

A friend had invited me to Sono so I checked it out online, but saw only special rolls with tempura, sauces, &c. So I e-mailed to get the reassurance that I'd be able to order simple rolls, & asked about the wasabi & tea in case I needed to bring those too.

To my delight & amazement, not only did the owner, Michael, reply very promptly with clear understanding of the issues, knowledgeable reassurances about the quality & purity of their ingredients, & promises of the chef's willingness to make simple rolls as well as special orders, but he told me I needn't bring my sauce since they keep SanJ wheat-free on hand!

The restaurant is beautiful, the sushi was delicious & reasonably priced (the menu specials are more expensive, but there is a separate sushi list not included with the menu as well as the possibility of special requests) & it was SO nice not to have to lug the soy in. My waiter knew instantly what I was asking for & brought out the bottle before decanting my portion so I could be sure it was the right product (without my even having to ask).

Wow. My new favorite!
Highly recommended!

Curious Art said...

Oh yes, here are a few links:

Zach said...

thanks Leah - I'll check it out.

Lauren said...

Great find! Thanks for posting!

Lauren said...

Great find! Thanks for posting!

Tracey said...

I've been so wary of eating out since going gluten free, but after all the great reviews for 5 guys I thought I'd try it out. Well after being chained to the bathroom for several hours I can at least scratch ever having a burger from there off my list.

Not sure if the fries can be so easily CC, but the burgers are too risky IMHO. I just started eating it and realised there were bread crumbs and sesame seeds in the foil. I stopped eating & took it back... now she was very nice and apologised, said she just took the bun off the foil and wrapped the burger up. I had been very clear in explaining that I couldn't have the meat come near the bun etc. But she probably had no clue that I could really get sick. I'm sure she thought "who really gets sick from bread crumbs?". I kinda thought I would be ok since it was such a small amount. She refunded my money and gave me another burger that had been prepared with different gloves, fresh foil, etc. But sadly I started bloating, lots of pain and getting sick a little later on :( So hopefully my experiece will make them more aware, but I'm not risking it again.

Anonymous said...

I went into 5 Guys very excited to eat a hamburger & fries. When I told them I needed gluten free, i was told rather nastily that without a bun was the only gluten free they had. This from a manager. After reading Tracey's story I'm glad I said "no thanks" and walked out.

Julie Mylander said...

Like Tracey, I had a bad experience with Five Guys just recently at their restaurant in Morehead City. I observed one untrained employee cross contaminate the entire area by handling the buns and then handling the uncooked fries, the condiments, the burgers, etc. I alerted them to my "allergy" (actual Celiac disease) at the register. The responses from their headquarters and regional manager/owner have been mixed. I don't trust that they are training ALL employees and won't eat there anymore.

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