Monday, March 30, 2009

Recap: Gluten Free Vendor Fair - Whole Foods Raleigh

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that came out and crammed into the Raleigh Whole Foods on Saturday for the Gluten Free Vendor Fair. I'm sure some sort of fire code was violated with all the Gluten Free consumers that were there (just kidding if you are reading this Fire Marshall).

I estimate I meet about 100 people during the few hour event - with about 50% who were already familiar with this blog and the other 50% not familiar (but are now). I didn't have any time to take pictures as I was busy talking with folks - so check out the recap post over at Celiac Underground for some pics.

Special thanks goes out to Sherry from Whole Foods who coordinated the event and invited me to have a table. Also, thanks to Rosie's Plate and Gourmet Frais for providing samples. Some folks from Rosie's Plate were nice enough to come to the event and hand out their samples (and information) personally which was great. If you didn't try their brand new pita bread and cheese crackers - you really missed out.

I hope you got to sample these items plus all the good stuff from Lee Tobin and the Gluten Free Bakehouse - along with Bella Monica Flatbread Company GF Pizzas. It was very encouraging to meet and see so many Gluten Free folks. It just reaffirms that the market is there and more companies will cater to us or expand their offerings.

I also received nearly 50 signatures for my Petition which is great! There are about 120 total signatures now. Please continue to sign and forward on to your friends and family.


Emily said...

Hey Zach! Thanks for the link to the photos I took. I would have taken more...but I just got so busy sampling the delicious GF foods...and meeting so many nice people!

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