Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celiac Disease Awareness Month Activity

The following is an excerpt from the CSA's Awareness Month Packet about Fund raising ideas for the Month of October.

For 2008, the Celiac Sprue Association is introducing a gluten-free recipe contest. Send CSA your favorite and most original recipe for the competition. CSA will select a winner who will win free membership to CSA for one year and three books from the CSA cookbook collection. Recipes can be mailed to CSA at PO Box 31700 Omaha, Nebraska 68131 or email the recipe to celiacs@csaceliacs.org. All entries must be received by noon on December 1, 2008. All recipes postmarked after that date will not be considered. We encourage you to spread the word to your fellow CSA members and we will see who has the most innovative and delicious recipe!

Please refer to the following criteria when selecting which recipe to enter:
• Send us up to three delicious, creative, gluten-free recipes. The recipes can include breads, salads, soups, entrĂ©es or desserts. Recipes must be your original creation: not from restaurants, cookbooks, or previously published.
• All recipes must include a title, a list of ingredients with exact measurements and complete instructions with all cooking/baking times and temperatures.
• Recipes must be typed or printed.
• The judges decision is final.
• Awards will be based on number of entries.
• Recipes will be judged on taste, appearance, originality, creativity, ease,
healthfulness and cooking time.

• Clark Kolterman – CSA Treasurer and a man who knows his food!
• Mary Schluckebier – CSA Executive Director and Home Economist.
• Linda Flyr – Editor of Lifeline and a cooking expert for individuals with CD.
• Jean Guest – CSA Dietitian Advisor.
• Joan Gloystein – CSA Dietitian and Patient Support.
Please let me know if you enter and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Heya! Thanks for the heads up, I posted an announcement on my blog, too. Do you know if the winning recipes remain property of the contest?

Zach said...

Not sure if they become property of the contest - I will email CSA to inquire. Let you know what I find out.

Anonymous said...


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