Friday, October 17, 2008

NFCA - Celiac Disease Awareness Activity

Not to be confused with CSA's Celiac Awareness Month Activities, the NFCA also has great ideas to raise Celiac Awareness. This one happens to go on year round and is an excellent idea.

The idea is to host a Gluten Free Cupcake Party for you and your friends. Supplies are provided by the NFCA and Pamela's Products and all you have to do is bake and decorate the cupcakes (and make donations).

Please see the following NFCA Web site for more information.
Here's how it works:

Step 1: Fill out the form below to register to become a Gluten-Free Cupcake Party host. Note: Please sign-up no later than 3 weeks before you wish to host your party.

Step 2: NFCA will contact you to arrange the details of your party and answer all of your questions.

Step 3: Invite 12 of your closest friends over to decorate cupcakes! Each guest will donate $15 to Celiac awareness.

Step 4: Once you've set a date for your party, Pamela's Products will send you a full Cupcake Party Baking Kit that contains Classic Vanilla Cake Mix, Luscious Chocolate Cake Mix, and three frosting mixes. Each of your guests will also receive a special take home gift such as a spatula, whisk or frosting spreader.

You will also receive an apron from Ohm Dog as a thank you for hosting a Cupcake Party!

Step 5: Host the party! Be sure to take lots of pictures! Following the party, NFCA will ask each host to submit photos and an event recap for publication in NFCA's newsletter and on

So...if you're ready to become a Gluten-Free Cupcake Party host and raise funds for Celiac awareness and research while eating delicious desserts, fill out the form below!


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