Thursday, October 30, 2008

Z Pizza - Gluten Free Pizza - Raleigh & Cary

I spoke briefly today with the franchise owner of Z Pizza, a California company which has locations in Raleigh (Falls Pointe Shopping Center) & Cary (Stone Creek Village). They indicated that the company is in the early stages of offering a Gluten Free pizza crust (10" size) and they are serious about picking up this option at both locations. This still may actually be a few weeks away, but just thought I would let everyone know what I had found out. They agreed to call me back once more of the information was released from the company and franchisees could start carrying the GF pizza.

Triangle Web site of Z Pizza
Corporate Web site

Keep you posted! In the meantime, I encourage you to call Z Pizza (Raleigh - 844-0065, Cary - 465-9009) to show your support.

Thanks to a reader tip on this one!


John W. said...

I picked up one to go tonight and I can say it was pretty good. I'd definitely go back. If this doesn't sound like a glowing review it's probably because I'm from Chicago where pizza is a coronoary bomb of carbs and protein like nothing else!

Zpizza's gf crust is good, it's just super thin. I'm not sure, but it might even be thinner than Bela Monica's. But, the ingredients are all delicious. They seemed clued in to how to prep the pie and keep it as gf as possible in such conditions.

But, the caveat about the wheat that must be in the air there does make me worried. Being that I am asymtomatic, though, I won't really get any physical signs that I was contaminated.

So, all I can offer is that it does taste good and that if we encourage and educate them perhaps we can make them a go-to restaurant for all of us.

Robert B. said...

I can't help being highly skeptical too about the wheat dust in the air. I'm doing a pretty good job with DIY pizza at home using Bob's Red Mill Pizza mix bought from Kroger or Whole Foods. I can only do sheep cheese which I get mostly at Whole Foods -- Spanish, Greek and other European varieties. I just made a killer pizza with spinach, roasted chicken, sun dried tomatoes, olives, and Muir Glen Pizza Sauce. I use GF Chicken Broth instead of water to make the dough. I throw in a bit of oregano, thyme and dill or parsley in the dough to add to the flavor. I usually blend 2 or 3 cheeses so I mix hard cheeses(like romano) with softer ones (like young manchego) so it makes for a good melt. It's a bit of work -- the results are incredible and I know I'm getting a really GF product.

Zach said...

Guys - check out my full review of ZPizza - they have removed all wheat flour and replaced with rice flour.... there should not be wheat flour flying through the air anymore...

Jump :) said...

So I am so glad u did this i don't stay far from one and Am excited to go grab a pizza today. I had been going to libby's but this is closer!!

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