Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pizza Fusion - Gluten Free Pizza - Scouting Locations in Raleigh

Some of you may have heard about a pizza chain called Pizza Fusion. They are based in Florida and offer a lot of organic menu options. They also happen to offer Gluten Free Pizza! This is not something they are currently trying out, this is a standard menu option. In fact, they offer some other things that are Gluten Free as well - how does "melt-in-your-mouth Gluten-Free brownies" and Gluten Free beer sound to you? Sounds like a dream to me.

Check out their Web site here - along with their page on Gluten Free offerings.

Here is an excerpt...
Gluten-Free Pizza
We cater to many customers with Celiac Disease with our gluten-free crust that is not only wheat-free, but also dairy-free. We use a mixture of garbanzo bean, fava bean and rice flour to make our gluten-free pizza crust, and our sauce and cheese are gluten-free as well. Our Celiac friends are always happy to know that they can order almost any topping gluten-free, excluding only barbeque sauce and sausage. Our gluten-free pizza is one of the best on the market. Its great taste is a reflection of our dedication to using quality ingredients and spending the time and energy to perfect our products.

We also serve a variety of salads and melt-in-your-mouth gluten-free brownies to accompany your gluten-free pizza, as well as offer a gluten-free beer made from Sorghum instead of barley. There are many options at Pizza Fusion that fit the special dietary needs of the Celiac community.
So what does this mean to you since they don't have any locations in the Raleigh area? Not much yet - but good news - according to their Web site on locations and a call I placed to the corporate office, Pizza Fusion is currently scouting sites in the Raleigh area (first NC location) and hope to have the store open in the next few months!

I encourage you to call their corporate office at 954-202-1919 and tell them what I did - "Hurry up!"

I will certainly keep you posted on this.


Anonymous said...

And if you're ever in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend you visit PizzaSalad, The Organic Choice in Thousand Oaks, CA. Not only do they serve gluten-free pizzas and salads but their menu is more than 95% USDA certified organic! They also have vegan cheese that tastes awesome!

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