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Pamela's Products - November Newsletter

If you have not signed up for Pamela's Products monthly newsletter, you can go to their Web site to do so. Here is a copy of the newsletter for those of you who have not signed up yet. I especially liked the section which linked to their Thanksgiving meal menu.
Welcome to the
The Pamela's Products Newsletter!
Vol. 1, Issue #5, November 2008
Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

It's that time of year when friends and family gather to create memories and share food. For those of us with special diets, this doesn't need to be a time of isolation. Our hope at Pamela's Products is that we can create an experience of abundance with delicious, healthful food overflowing that everyone can enjoy together! On the Pamela's Products website we're posting our absolutely delicious, gourmet, gluten-free Thanksgiving meal menu with easy to follow recipes. From appetizers to dessert let's celebrate together with joy, abundance and all of the wonderful offerings of the season!

How many of you find yourself stressed out from the holidays? There wasn't enough time for everyday life to begin with and now we want to put all of our holiday planning, prep and enjoyment in there too? In this issue of the Pamela's Products Newsletter we're including some fast and simple time saving and stress relieving tips. We hope you will also find the time to slow down, relax and enjoy!

It seems that cooking dinner can be the biggest hurdle after a day of planning, prep and house guests. As we have suggested previously in this newsletter, one of the best time saving tips is to prepare food when you have time and freeze it for a quick warm up later when you need it fast. Some of our favorite scrumptious and time saving recipes are the Pamela's Crunchy Pizza Crust or the Pamela's Chewy Pizza Crust. Create two or three crusts at one time, par bake and then freeze the unused portions. When you need a quick meal, simply remove from the freezer, decorate with your favorite toppings and bake. Viola, fresh hot pizza in under 10 minutes.

Create one of our Pamela's Products Recipe Contest winning recipes such as Brunch Casserole or Sausage Bites, or one of Pamela's personals favorites such as her Scones or Pamela's Bagels. These can all be made ahead of time, by simply putting these delicious recipes together the night before and storing them in the refrigerator until you are ready to bake. Or, bake them fully and then pull out of the fridge for a quick warm up anytime. The Brunch Casserole makes a delicious meal or hot snack fresh from the oven and the Sausage Bites are a perfect warm treat for newly arrived house guests. All of these recipes are incredibly Fast, Easy & Delicious to make and will fill your home with the wonderful aroma of baked savory delights.

Product of the Month!
Pamela's Wheat-Free Bread Mix! Did you know that it took Pamela over 8 years to develop this mix? Of course if you are going to set out to create gluten-free foods you would offer bread in some way, so why did it take her so long to develop this mix? Pamela wanted to be sure that it would be the most delicious, easy to use, versatile mix available, and she did it! This past summer we hosted the third annual Pamela's Greatest Gluten-free Recipe Contest. Except this year all entries had to use our Pamela's Wheat-Free Bread Mix. We were astounded by the response. The versatility of the recipes are so truly remarkable that we are still baking them to decide the winner. Would you like to try a sample of Pamela's Wheat-Free Bread Mix? We're giving away a free bag to the first 25 people to reply directly to this newsletter. You can just hit your reply key by October 29th and write "Send me the free mix!" in the subject line of your email. Don't forget to send your address (no PO boxes please) or you won't qualify. Sorry, available for USA addresses only. Due to the high volume of responses we are only able to notify the winners. If you do not hear from us by October 30th, you did not win, but we hope you will try again next month.

There's more to the holidays than dinner!
Such as breakfast with family and guests... cinnamon buns, crepes, waffles and more. With so much focus on the dinner meal, we sometimes forget that we can enjoy breakfast and brunch with our family and friends. Here are some of our picks for a great holiday breakfast... anytime!
Simply click on the recipe you want and print it out for easy instructions.
Something Special
- Cinnamon Swirls
- Buttery Coffee Cake
- Sour Cream Coffee Cake
- Brunch Casserole (2006 Recipe Contest Winning Recipe!)
- Savory Pancakes (2007 Recipe Contest Winning Recipe!)
Traditional Tastes
- Pamela's Pancakes
- Pamela's Crepes
- Waffles
- Chocolate Waffles

Final Notes:
Do you have a suggestion for us? Is there something we could do better? Is there a product you'd like to see us offer? Let us know, we want to hear from you. You can reply to this newsletter or send an email to And remember, if you can't find your favorite Pamela's Product in your local store, we suggest that you bring the packaging in to your grocer and let them know what you'd like on the shelves. Many times that's the best way for your local retailer to know what you want.

Enjoy & Celebrate Your Food,
Pamela's Products


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