Friday, October 31, 2008

Gluten Free Beer - The Raleigh Times Bar - Downtown Raleigh

I stopped into The Raleigh Times Bar in Downtown Raleigh this afternoon to speak with them about filling out my Gluten Free Raleigh Survey and discovered that they carrying Gluten Free Beer. They are now carrying New Grist as a regular beer menu item! I was so surprised that I almost saddled up to the bar and imbibed until I realized I had to get back to work. Hope to hear more from them about their menu once they fill out the survey.

Check out their Web site here.

And their Beer Menu here. It is clearly marked "Gluten Free" on their menu to make things easy.

So head on down to 14 East Hargett Street, plop down $4.50 and get you one!


Anonymous said...

Between the beer at Raleigh Times and the Pizza at Lilly's... I'm in heaven!

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