Monday, October 20, 2008

Lilly's Pizza - Gluten Free Pizza - Five Points Area

Finally someone has created a Gluten Free Pizza available at a restaurant in the Raleigh area. This is good news for those of us eating Gluten Free. It means the market place is hearing our call for more Gluten Free options. According to the folks at Lilly's Pizza, increased customer demand and increase awareness of Celiac Disease led them to realize no one else out there was making GF Pizza. Lilly's is located in the Five Points area of Raleigh at 1813 Glenwood Avenue.

I called this morning and spoke with the folks at Lilly's about their ingredients, their preparation of the dough and their cooking process. See below for more information.

-The ingredients involved are very similar to their regular pizza (flour, yeast, honey, eggs, olive oil and salt) with simply substituting Gluten Free flour mix for the regular flour.

-Since only 10' pizzas are available, the dough is prepared with freshly cleansed utensils and made in a small bowl versus being mixed in their large dough mixing machine where the non-GF pizza dough is made. I am slightly nervous about this process since there was no guarantee making sure the utensils/bowls are 100% only used for GF dough preparation.

Cooking Process
-The GF pizzas are indeed cooked in the same oven as other non-GF pizzas. I am a little nervous about this area as well. They mentioned they clean the ovens out 2-3 times per day and will clean out the oven before making a GF pizza if you kindly remind them to do so when you order.

Lilly's is in their 2nd week of making GF pizza dough and are currently making about 6 pies per week. The earlier in the week you go, the better. Apparently, one person bought all 6 last week - whoever you are - please share with the rest of us!

Please visit Lilly's Web site (click the Talk To Us link) or call them at 919-833-0226 if you have any questions or concerns about their process. Please leave us a comment (or email me) if you have tried their GF Pizza.

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Sarah said...

I wonder if they would prep a take & bake pizza to mitigate some of that cross-contamination risk? I've never been to Lilly's even before becoming GF.

Jen said...

To other readers who are also allergic to eggs...I just called to confirm with Lily's whether there were eggs in the crust or not. There ARE eggs in it. Sigh!

Even though I can't partake in this exciting pizza adventure, I'm SOO glad someone finally decided to do it. Good for Lily's! I hope other pizza parlors follow!

Zach said...

They will in fact let you take the dough home and cook it yourself.

John W. said...

So, Zach -

Are you thinking of trying to eat there? Or are you too concerned about cross contamination?

I love Lilly's wheat crust, and would love to go back there. But, I fear flour would be flying around the kitchen too much to feel safe...

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.


Zach said...

Not sure, I would love so much to have some pizza but am a little reluctant to risk it. I think the more of us that call Lilly's to inquire about the preparation the more comfortable we will all feel at some point. It's hard to just write them off 100% just because other non-GF food items are made there because you will have that issue at basically any restaurant. It would also discourage places that make an effort to do GF items if none of us show up. I think we need to push Lilly's and others to train them on how to mitigate the cross-contamination issues.

Anonymous said...

while we have a right to cover all bases- im afraid that if too many people call to ask about prep/baking, Lillys will remove the GF pizza in fear of making people sick.

as with any restaurant that offers gluten free options, you are taking a risk with cross contamination.

I have eaten the new gluten free pizzas two times now (fabulous!!!!) and i didnt experience any reactions either time.

take the chance, its worth it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the little devil who ordered 4GF pizzas last Saturday at Lilly's. (Oink, oink!) I ate one and took the other 3 home to freeze. Some other little piggy must have ordered the other 3.

I ordered the extras because I was told they were selling them on a TRIAL basis, just for October. If they don't sell, they won't continue making them (which makes perfect sense).

Lilly's website shows "October 31" as the deadline on a coupon for GF pizza. (There is no need to use a coupon, though.)

SO, I would like everyone to go there and order up. Maybe order in advance, and I would think they'd make more than they planned to. I am trying to share this news with everyone I can in Raleigh.

The GF pizzas are different (of course) from their thick and chewy gluten counterparts. The GF pizza is thin, and there is no big chewy edge. However, the toppings (I had pepperoni and artichoke) make all the difference.

The pizza is DELICIOUS. I've had some every day, and I've suffered absolutely no ill effects, and I think I'm pretty sensitive to gluten.

I hope Lilly's will continue to sell them. Give them a call and tell them you're stopping by to make sure they have some left!

Zach said...

When I spoke with them they seemed more committed than just selling them through October. Thanks for the feedback Anonymous but next time leave some for the rest of us - haha!

gigascott said...

I went by there on Saturday night. I recommend calling ahead to make sure they have enough left before heading over there. The pizza was real good. The only other gluten-free pizza I have had is the Amy's brand. The pizza at Lilly's is not as crumbly and better tasting.

Sarah said...

Ate at Lilly's tonight for the first time every. The pizza crust is similar to a shortbread cookie texture, though savory rather than sweet. The local/organic toppings make all the difference. No ill effects yet, but it usually takes me 18-24 hours to react to something.

Celiac Queen said...

When I called to ask about the availability of the gluten free crusts, they said it's in high demand and they make it every morning. I was worried too about flour flying in the air, or my pizza being cut with a dirty cutter, everything you could think of. We ended up going there tonight, and I have no ill effects. I usually can tell within an hour or two. On a side note, I thought the crust was pretty good, a little crumbly (probably the rice flour), but the experience was great!

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