Friday, October 31, 2008

Useful Resources: Cecelia's Marketplace - GF Product of the Day

I found an interesting site the other day called Cecelia's Marketplace. They sell some books which deal with Grocery Shopping Guides for those of use who eat Gluten Free (They also have a GF/CF and a GF/CF/SF version). The books are revised yearly and run about $25.

In addition to those books, Cecelia's also offers a service called the Gluten Free Product of the Day. You simply sign up by typing in your email address and voila - each weekday a new product that you might/might not know as Gluten Free comes to your mailbox. For example, today's GF Product of the Day is Charms Orange Pumpkin Pops. Yesterday was Hunt’s Original Style Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce.

They also offer updates to their Grocery Shopping Guides through this Product of the Day service which let you know if something they previously printed as Gluten Free has now changed status. These email alerts are called Product Alerts and just yesterday they alerted that Bob’s Red Mill - Corn Grits were no longer Gluten Free. It's nice to have this feature if you bought and rely on the their books - pretty much as soon as something is printed it is out of date, right? A quick check at the Bob's Red Mill Web site shows that the only GF grits are the Soy ones and not the Corn ones.


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