Monday, October 13, 2008

Twins Kitchen Update - North Hills Farmer's Market & Holiday Baskets

I received an update over the weekend from Lori at Twins Kitchen. I have posted previously about getting their GF goodies at the North Hills Farmer's Market. The bad news is that the market will run only through November 22nd. The good news is that North Hills is planning for a Holiday market (dates and times to be announced). Twins Kitchen will also be a part of this Holiday market as well. They plan on offering Holiday Gift Baskets as well which sound great.

See more from the Twins Kitchen newsletter below...
North Hills Farmers Market
As many of you know that North Hills Farmers Market will be open till November 22(the weekend before Thanksgiving). What this means for you, well you will get the opportunity to buy more delicious treats from Twin Cakes every Saturday. Do not forget you can place an order with us ahead of time and pick-it up at the market while you do your produce shopping. More good news…after November 22, there will be a “Holiday Market”, the dates are still to be announced. Please stay tuned for that. Therefore during the holidays you will still be able to get your baked goods, quiches, muffins, pies in addition we will be doing sauces, spreads, and gift baskets. Please continue to come out and support your local farmers and bakers!!!

Just in Time for the Holidays - Twin Cakes Gift Baskets
The gift baskets will have a variety of items in it and you of course can customize it. These baskets will be great for co-workers, your boss, friend, or family. A sample of items you will see in the baskets:
-homemade napkins
-homemade place mats
-homemade spreads, pesto, and sauces
It will also feature some of our recipes and mixes so you can create some of our delicious treats at your home!
Also, in case you missed this past Saturday's North Hills Farmer's Market, here is a sampling of what Twins Kitchen was selling (I'll take one of each please). If this sounds good to you, check them out next Saturday.
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Chocolate chip mint cookie sandwiches
  • Oat Cranberry Cookies
  • Chocolate cake with mint frosting
  • Pumpkin pie in a homemade nut crust
  • Twins Homemade “Oat-less” Granola
  • “Oat-less” Granola parfaits with strawberry vanilla pudding
  • Mini Spinach Goat Cheese quiche
  • Mini Broccoli “Mock” Cheddar quiche
  • Mini Mix Squash quiche
  • Pizza Crust – pre-baked
  • Raw Sunflower Bread with red pepper spread
  • Raw Millet Flax Cracker with red pepped spread
  • White Miso Cilantro Persimmon Spread
  • Chocolate Coconut Mousse
  • Macadamia “mock cheese”
  • Lemon-artichoke Pesto
  • Non-dairy Alfredo sauce
  • Creamy White “mock cheese”
  • Gift Baskets


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